Veterans Surveys and Ambassador Program


Veterans Service Surveys: Your Experience as a U.S. Army Soldier is Important!

All U.S. Army veterans' experiences are important. By filling out this form, you are educating every historian, researcher, and Soldier who utilizes the USAHEC's historical resources. Your recorded experiences may be the lessons we need to help protect and preserve future generations. Please fill out the downloadable .pdf file to the best of your ability and do not hesitate to expand your answers on additional pages. When complete, please return this form to the USAHEC. Thousands of veterans and their families have already shared their stories with the USAHEC, but they only represent a small fraction of the millions who served. To truly capture the breadth of our veterans' experiences, and to protect and preserve future generations, we need YOUR story.

  • You can fill this form out and email it to us (email information is on the form).
  • You can print this form and MAIL it to us (mailing address is on the form).
  • You can print this form or email this form to any U.S. Army Veteran you know!

Veterans Ambassadors

Veterans Ambassadors volunteer to represent the USAHEC to veterans organizations and help collect oral histories to preserve the U.S. Army's story from the Soldier's point of view.

The USAHEC Veterans Ambassador Program (VAP) has three missions:

  • Represent the USAHEC to Veterans Organizations and Promote Awareness of the USAHEC as a Historical Repository for the Soldiers' History: The USAHEC team is reliant on the VAP volunteer ambassadors to interact with local veteran organizations and attend veteran's events to spread the word about the USAHEC and its resources. The USAHEC collects the history of the U.S. Army from the Soldiers-eye-view and the VAP is the "tip of the spear" to help spread the word about how to donate to the USAHEC's collections.
  • Distribute and Collect Veteran Service Surveys: The USAHEC's oral history and collection programs start with the distribution and collection of the Veteran Service Surveys. These surveys provide a basic historical record of a Soldier's service to his or her country.
  • Conduct Oral Histories of Army Veterans: The USAHEC team learns about countless Army Veterans whose stories need to be recorded. The Ambassadors are trained to conduct oral history interviews, so they will be accepted into the Army's historical collections.

Learn more about the Veterans Ambassador Program and learn how to contribute to the program by downloading the VAP brochure.