The USAHEC Mission and Organization

The U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center engages, inspires, and informs the Army, the American people, and global partners with a unique and enduring source of knowledge and thought. The Center is an integral part of the War College, and maintains the knowledge repositories that support scholarship and research about the U.S. Army and its operating environment. To optimize our patron centered, digitally enabled organization, the Center is comprised of three functional areas interconnected through day-to-day operations, but each with a primary focus.

  Academic Scholarship Directorate

The Academic Scholarship Directorate is oriented on supporting War College students and faculty developing ideas and educating leaders to serve and lead at the strategic-enterprise level, with a focus on Content Creation, Patron Support, and Instruction.


  • USAWC Scholarship
  • USAWC Research
  • Quick-turn Analysis
  • Army-level Research
  • Inquiries

  Collection Directorate

The Collection Directorate is oriented on growing and cultivating the rich Collection at the nucleus of the USAHEC, and synchronizes all aspects of collection management, with a focus on Collection Management, Procurement, and Processing.


  • Acquisition
  • Intake Processing
  • Preservation
  • Conservation
  • Inventory

  Engagement and Education Directorate

The Engagement and Education Directorate is oriented on public-facing programs, galleries, and exhibits, and synchronizes innovative physical and virtual displays that bring in visitors to experience the Collection firsthand, using new venues, mediums, and techniques.


  • Public Programs
  • Content Creation
  • Content Portrayal
  • Virtual Presence
  • Marketing


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