Soldier Experience Gallery


The Soldier Experience Gallery is located in the Visitor and Education Center (VEC) of the USAHEC campus and is open during normal business hours. When exploring the gallery, visitors experience the United States Army through the eyes of the men and women who lived its history, in war and peace, from the Spanish American War to current operations in Afghanistan. Visitors first stop by the VEC information desk to pick up a "dog tag" representing one of six Soldiers whose story is part of the USAHEC collections. Guests use the dog tag to experience Army life as a Soldier does, learning about their Soldier throughout the gallery.

The exhibit also features hundreds of artifacts, oral history recordings accessible from your smart phone, a movie theater, and the opportunity to write a letter to a currently serving Soldier. In addition, guests may test their marksmanship at the digital shooting range, parachute in to Normandy as part of the D-Day invasion, and experience a night attack during the Korean War.