Ka-Pow Boom!: Understanding the Soldier Experience through Comic and Illustrative Art


Comic and illustrative art is an enduring American artform that has long been used to engage, inform, and entertain. These popular storytelling mediums and modes of expression affords the audience a different perspective of Army life and provides a glimpse into the complex experience of the American Army Soldier. Morale boosting, profound, captivating and at times brutally honest, these art forms serve as expression and commentary which create a unique historical record and Soldier narrative.

The artwork in the exhibition includes original WWI and WWII comics from Yank Magazine and Stars and Stripes, the comics of America's Army and PS weekly, the 2005 Marvel and AAFES comic partnership, T-Wall art, the AUSA's graphic novel initiative showcasing U.S. Army Medal of Honor awardees and comic and illustrative artwork from U.S. Army Soldier artists through time.

The exhibit reflects USAHEC's contemporary approach in connecting the American people to their Army and enabling them to better understand the Soldier experience by utilizing and exhibiting the Army's rich historical collections in new and thoughtful ways. The exhibition is also available online for our world-wide audience to enjoy at https://armycomics.usa.yourcultureconnect.com/e/introduction