Courage, Commitment, and Fear: The American Soldier in the Vietnam War


Opened in November 2015, this exhibit features several unique immersive experiences, such as a "spider hole" and "booby traps," which will allow visitors to experience, first-hand, the types of challenges U.S. Soldiers faced. Each Soldier's story is unique, and the exhibit showcases different areas of Vietnam, with corresponding Soldiers' stories to illustrate the experiences of the men and women who served. In-country experiences in combat and medical evacuation operations will be featured, in addition to sections relating to the experience of POWs and veterans upon returning home. The exhibit also includes the short film, "Our Journey Through War," which was produced in-house by the USAHEC team, and features the stories of those who were involved in the conflict.

Click here to view the trailer for the film, "Our Journey Through War."